5 Things to Pack for an Inn at Pine Terrace Winter Weekend Getaway

5 Things to Pack for an Inn at Pine Terrace Winter Weekend Getaway

Cold, snowy weather with shortened, gray days can drag your spirits down. Brighten your days with a delightful trip to the Inn at Pine Terrace for a fun getaway with your loved one.  Assemble the list below to create a relaxing visit to our B&B. You may not need to leave the house!

  1. Drinks and Snacks – The corkscrew and glassware are covered for you. Use our mininfridge for keeping things chilled.  Open a bottle or mix up a cocktail to warm your spirits. Bring a mix of sweet and salty morsels to nosh as you hang out. 
  2. Slippers and Cozy Socks – As you settle into the inn, kick off your shoes and relax your feet.  Comfort is the goal here and this is a great chance to enjoy long comfy cable knit socks or fluffy sheepskin lined slippers. 
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth Devices  – Connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to our free WiFi network to stream your favorite Pandora station or Youtube playlist to set the perfect musical mood and use bluetooth to connect to your pill speaker. Or snuggle up to view a great show in comfortable luxury. Browse or shop in your jammies.
  4. Magazines, Newspapers, and Books – Prop up on the wonderfully decadent pillows in your guest bed and flip through your favorite news, entertainment, or lifestyle piece. Enjoy the tactile pleasure of flipping the page instead of scrolling the screen.  
  5. Puzzles and Games – Focus on a no-stress mental pursuit.  Sip, snack, and sing in comfort while you patiently piece together a puzzle. Do you do the edges first?  Roll the dice of Farkle or Shut the Box or shuffle the cards for cribbage. 




Your winter weekend getaway can be a fun event and we would love to help you enjoy it at the Inn at Pine Terrace. Take advantage of the items on the list and add your own.  We offer amenities to make you feel at home and welcome your personal ideas. Call 262 567-7463 or click Book Now at the top of the page.  

Invite Friends – It has been said, “The more, the merrier!”  Invite another couple or two on the getaway. The list above is enhanced with friends. Each couple can enjoy a private guest room with bathroom and gather together in the parlor and library for conversation, drinks and snacks, and entertainment. Tease those silly bearfoot slippers or holiday socks. Sing along to the hits together, or put on some throwback tunes. Watch a classic movie or binge a favorite show together. Read through Entertainment Weekly then exchange for Newsweek or Real Simple. Roll the dice on a game or layout a puzzle. Yahtzee anyone? 

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