Connections happen here

Have a Seat in the Library. Photo Credit: Peter C, Recent Guest

The Inn at Pine Terrace hosts travelers from distant places throughout the world and serves the locals right in our backyard.

Today at breakfast we had a couple from Indiana visiting with a couple from Washington DC. I sipped a hot coffee and listened. The conversation meandered through topics and intersected significantly at the past connection each had to Dresden, Germany. It was a wonderful discovery of the overlapping point in the path of each family. The newest connection is now Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  

That conversation happened over breakfast on a casual Wednesday morning. Imagine the connections on a bustling Saturday morning in a full house of 12 guest rooms! Plan your visit for a weekend getaway or weekday relief from the usual routine. We would love to host you at the Inn at Pine Terrace. Whose path will you connect with?  

Discover the Inn at Pine Terrace. Photo Credit: Peter C, Recent Guest


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